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'Inner glow'; 'Storm cloud'

Two short ones in one post, both written today.

In other news, this site needs to be pimped badly. I hope I'll get to it this week!

Title > Inner glow
Language > English
Type > Original fiction
Length > Short
Notes > Inspired by Blue October's absolutely amazing song Inner glow. Rather short.

You've been lost for too long. Hidden in shadows you'd fitted yourself a suit made of darkness so deep that it was sure to divert attention. But although form fitting at first, just big enough to hide you, it had over time grown loose and large, hovering around your body and slowly swallowing you up. You had slowly started drowning in it.

So you had shed the coat and crawled back to the shore, naked and vulnerable and scared. You had covered yourself again, in sand this time, rough and scratching. Soon enough you'd shaken that too. Had left in search for your own clothes, gaining back land on who you once were, reading old documents to try and decipher that person you used to be.

But you've been lost for too long, in the deep dark black and the ocean and the sand. Part of you got lost in the shadows. Part of you drowned there. Part of you died on the shore, lungs too full of water. Part of you was scrubbed away by the sand, blown away by the wind, shed in the process. Many parts of you are gone for good. Reading back isn't getting back.

But it's not all gone. You had a light inside, one that you dimmed and put away in a jar before you retreated to the dark. You haven't forgotten about it. You want it back, want to place it deep inside you where it belongs. You want it to shine, big and bright and warming. You want its vitality and its power. You want to emanate its glow. You want its guidance if the darkness ever decides to reclaim you.


Title > Storm cloud
Language > English
Type > Original fiction
Length > Short
Notes > Also inspired by Blue October's Inner glow. Also pretty damn short.

You're a storm, a whirlwind, a tornado. You howl through the place and leave nothing in tact. You twirl and fly, light like a breeze, fleeting like a gust. Your energy still amazes me. You twist and turn around me, leaving me dizzy and bewildered. You're full of life and plans, more vital and vivacious than I ever thought one person could be. Your radiance dazzles people; after all these years I'm still no exception.

You've dreams and love and light in abundance. Your heart contains more wonders than the wildest imagination could fathom. There's a light in your soul and a strength in your being, and without trying you heal people with it. You pick them up, show them the way, push them forward. You celebrate life just by existing, and your eyes sing of your joy and love for it all. You've made your life into a miracle, and you've picked me to share it with. To shine your light on. To be there when you crumble and hold you when you break down.
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