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Kill the quiet pleasure

in quiet me, with quiet love, quiet

Experience is the name...
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Female, 20's, Dutch.

Majoring in English Language and Culture. Loves it.

Has loved reading from the very second she mastered the art of it, and literature since she learned the distinction. Words are important to her, and she does not feel comfortable speaking languages in which she feels she cannot properly express herself.

Masters of Literature that have her everlasting love and admiration are, amongst many others, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Murakami Haruki, Neil Gaiman, Rebbecca Ray, Michael Cunningham, Stephen Fry and Ian McEwan. And yes, she does seem to have some odd, subconscious preference for British writers. Maybe it's the accent.

But it isn't just Words In Books that she loves - Words In Music have taken hold of a big part of her heart, also. Most importantly, there are the words of Kyo and those of Justin, combined with the music of Dir en grey and Blue October respectively. In honour of the first band, she built this site around a translation of one of their songs, Yokan.

She welcomes you to read her work and urges you - if you have anything to say about it, do not hesitate to say it. It will only help her learn and grow.