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resist temptation

'Endless love'

Language > English
Type > Original fiction
Length > Short
Notes > Really very short


By now, I shouldn’t have to hold my breath anymore. It should be clear – obvious, glaringly – that I am the focal point. After all this time you should have reached that point. But you haven’t.

I should be what your thoughts revolve around. I should be what your mind balances on. I should be the be all and end all. The edge of your world that you shouldn’t be looking past anymore. But you do.

There are lines to be drawn and I suppose I’ve been waiting with the chalk in my hand for quite some time. They say they all saw it coming from miles away. I didn’t. I don’t know whether to hope you did, or didn’t either. Both are wrong at this point. I can’t quite get my hand to get ground level and moving just yet, but it’s twitching and trembling. Don’t push it.
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