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resist temptation

It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances

As you can see, this LJ has been properly pimped! Some last changes still need to be made, but the main improvements are there. I am quite content with the result. Next time, I'll run through all the entries to make sure it all looks like it's supposed to, and I need to get a new set of icons. Anyone have any other ideas of what I could still change/pimp to make it look even better?

Also, did you notice the advertisement is gone? Cost me 9 of my icons and the ability to change the colour scheme of this lay-out, but it's worth it. Right? (No paid account for me, no siree.)

[ETA] All planned changes are now made: I've acquired a great new set of icons, and checked and where necessary corrected or altered all of the older entries. If you've any advice or ideas on what else I could change, by all means let me know!